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Your event on livestream

Lectures and conferences, general and member meetings up to concerts and sporting events

Our experience and commitment combined with professional broadcasting technology guarantee the smooth production of your stream and make us your perfect partner!


For your event, we adapt the production requirements individually. From a simple production with one camera up to complex productions on TV level, with live cut cameras - optimally illuminated, with perfect sound quality and enhanced by professional graphic inserts. We have professional, coordinated mobile technology for the implementation of the livestream production on site: cameras by Sony, video direction by Blackmagic, audio by Sennheiser, Shure and Yamaha, lighting by F&V and network technology by Lancom.

Our qualified team of cameramen, directors, lighting, sound and network technicians guarantees a smooth transmission of your event.

As a result, we present your viewers with flawless streaming in highly professional garb and Full-HD broadcast quality.

Streaming Server and CDN

The produced video signal is converted via hardware encoders into a streaming-capable format and transferred to the content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN partner Akamai is the market leader in terms of scaling and global reach and operates edge servers in 133 countries.

In the portal or app, the livestream is played via an embedded responsive and mobile streaming player. The player supports quality of service, automatic selection of bit rate and CDN nodes.

This way we can ensure that all your viewers receive the best possible quality with the lowest possible latency - with our low-latency CDN access point usually about 15 seconds.

Of course, we can also transmit the stream to other platforms or to your intranet - in parallel if you wish.

Recording and Post-Production

Of course we always record the stream in parallel for you and make it available to you for further use. In most cases, post-processing is no longer necessary for our productions. 

Our experienced team will gladly and creatively support you from the idea and planning, through production to post-production and further use of your live stream.


  • Protected or public livestream
  • Full-Service Livestream Production
  • Stream in broadcast quality with up to 1080p
  • Low-latency stream with a low latency of only about 15 seconds
  • Distribution via Akamai CDN
  • Responsive and mobile-capable player with QoS and automatic selection of bit rate and CDN
  • Multi-language capable player and stream