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vivent - Virtual Event Platform

Event cancellation due to Corona? What next?

Move your event to the Internet. Virtual, effective, quickly realizable.
Especially in the current time virtual events are gaining importance. The Virtual Event Platform from altares is a toolbox that allows you to present your event on the internet in an ideal way. It offers different modules for different types of events - from training events to virtual general meetings. The tools are based on well-known and proven solutions and of course more specific applications that are already in use can be integrated.

Most important features

Invitation management
Invitation management for your event by e-mail and post
Participation registration/check-in
Video, charts and documents with authorization structure
Discussion Boards & Whitewall
Chat with moderator function
Networking by video chat und private messaging
Programme item booking & personal agenda
Personal profile
News subscription and reminder dispatch for livestreams
Two-Factor Authentication
vivent can also be used as authorization platform for many other tools. We rely on the XML framework SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), which enables the exchange of authentication and authorization information. SAML is extremely widespread and the corresponding tools can be integrated plug-and-play in vivent.

Well known tools that rely on SAML are for example:
With virtial events the number of participants can easily reach 5 or even 6-digit figures. Therefore, scalability is one of the most important success factors and vivent is ideally structured due to its modular and distributed design.

The participant portal including most of the interaction modules is delivered distributed via satellite servers and scaled to the expected number of participants. Livestreams are streamed via large, worldwide server networks (e.g. Akamai).