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altares-Symphony PR Suite

The PR Suite was developed together with communication practitioners and offers everything that modern PR work requires. As a control centre for your daily PR work, it combines a CRM contact management system with innovative distribution management, distribution tools for personalised mailings and our participant management tool for your events. Besides these main functions, you will also find modules for the integration of your media monitoring and a document and image database.

It manages your data in an intelligent way, provides information, simplifies communication processes and improves team and cross-team collaboration.

Die Module der PR Suite

Contact - Contact management and database

As the basis of your press tool, Contact offers everything you need to efficiently manage your press contacts. It has been developed by communication professionals for communication professionals and linked with comprehensive CRM functionalities so that you always have an overview of everything that is important.

The entire team works across departments on the same address and contact data basis, which virtually eliminates data islands among individual employees. Central data storage and extensive options for contact data maintenance keep all important information within the company and make it available to all authorised users on a long-term basis. This prevents duplication of work in distribution list maintenance and guarantees absolute up-to-dateness. This means that your team can identify the relevant top contacts at any time, independent of individuals, and supply them without loss of time - a decisive advantage, especially in crisis situations.

In addition, you can assign any properties (e.g. business journalist, layout designer, local editor location A) and any number of business cards to each contact. This way, a freelance journalist with business business cards for all his media or another person can also be managed with private addresses. The assignment to distributors and properties is done individually per business card. Companies and persons are stored separately in separate data records and linked to each other. Thus, not only can all journalists of a publishing house be displayed with just one click - the publishing house structures can also be displayed. Extensive search and research functions ensure that you can quickly find the right people, even with large amounts of data.

Existing contacts can be imported or exported just as easily and automatically as entire distribution lists. Thanks to the UTF-8 character set, all special characters are available, so that even international addresses do not cause any problems. Contact offers a database of international address formats for quick and convenient creation of labels and serial letters. Doppler matching helps you to easily identify, clean up and merge data with similar spellings.

The combination with the GuestManager module makes Contact a powerful tool for the successful preparation and implementation of events.

Features at a glance

  • Contact management with CRM and contact history
  • No duplications or data islands
  • Intelligent linking and open interfaces
  • Multiple business cards per contact
  • Assignment of any properties
  • Separation of companies/media and persons
  • International
  • Event-capable
  • Extensive search and research functions
  • Location and device independent access
  • Crisis-proof
  • No additional software
Distribute - Press distribution and dispatch management
Document - Virtual data room as central database