Trade union conference with vivent - from list election to election by groups

At the first digital trade union conference of the GEW Rhineland-Palatinate in November 2020 in Mainz, only the executive board or the back office was on site, the delegates followed the event via our portal via livestream from the comfort of their own homes. They had their say via live streaming, voted using our legally secure voting tool, asked questions of those in charge, and had extensive exchanges with each other via our chat tool. Journalists and guests were given their own accesses with restricted rights, so that they could, for example, follow the livestream but not participate in elections or read the chat.

The special challenge at the GEW trade union conference were the many different elections, where, in addition to the usual votes such as the discharge of the Executive Board or the adoption of resolutions and motions, there were not only about 30 different personal elections, but also list votes, each with different numbers of votes or weighting. Thanks to the easy handling of altares' versatile voting tool, various spontaneous changes in the course and type of voting as well as run-off votes on demand were possible without any problems. Likewise, the voters could be divided into their districts during the elections or the votes could also be listed according to gender, for example.


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