Live stream in 8 languages - Siegenia International Sales Meeting

Live stream in 8 languages - Siegenia International Sales Meeting


  • 400 participants from 28 countries
  • Live event in German with simultaneous translation into 7 other languages
  • No interpreter on site but in home office


With the first digital kick-off meeting, Siegenia had already successfully started a forward-looking year in January. At the annual International Sales Meeting, however, another hurdle had to be overcome. Participants from 8 language areas were to be provided with as much information as possible by those responsible, while at the same time an exciting exchange was to be made possible. Without travel, without direct contact.

The solution

An 8-language stream with questions add-on and live connections to representatives of each language area. 

In one day, 400 participants from 28 countries were reached in one fell swoop from the Siegenia headquarters in Wilnsdorf. At the end of the day, no questions remained unanswered. This was because participants were able to ask questions in their own language throughout the event, and the various people in charge were available to answer questions via live stream. 

The event language was German and was simultaneously translated to English, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Chinese. Due to the corona regulation, the necessary translators could not be on site but were connected remotely to their home office workstations and were still able to deliver the translations without latency. 


After logging in, the participants were forwarded directly to the language room in their national language. Here, they could follow the stream and presentation in parallel in one language and also ask questions at the same time. Of course, they could also ask questions in their own language.  Those who preferred to follow the stream in another language could of course do so as well. Simply change the language using the "Change language" button and listen to the original stream, for example. The event was rounded off by a short survey at the end. Via a star rating, the participants could rate the event. As expected - a complete success!

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